Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A great wind BUT

I got up this morning with great anticipation, just knowing it was going to be a gangbuster day. We had not taken the guns out of the hanger for over a week , much less harvest a bird. Well we had some rain over the night, a promise from the weatherman, that we were to have wind when we went to the blind, which we have not had, all fall. The wind was to keep building as the day progressed, reaching gust of 40 MPH Plus. And the wind did get blowing about as they predicted it would. The thought interred my mind that maybe I should carry another box of ammo to the blinds with me., so I loaded my self down just a little more. I have always given my kids the advice, While driving if you see a wild animal on the side of the road, God has given them the instinct to keep from you hitting them. So do not confuse them by honking your horn, flashing your lights, slowing down or speeding up, trying to out dodge them, just keep your speed and stay in your lane. Well with that lesson in mind, there was a Raccoon on the road, and I did as I have preached and I ran over him. Now when he went under my wheels he felt as big as a oil barrel under both the front and rear wheels. He was still on the side of the road as I come home this evening and he was not near that big. I passed incident off as a good omen that this was going to be one of the best killing days of all time. The rain drops were still pelting us as we made to walk up to the pits, and there was a great wind, out of the west. The rain was done before it was legal shooting time. Well this time before the legal shooting time is usually the time when you get the idea as to just what is going to happen for the day. If there are birds then, there is a good chance the day will a fruitful day. (Hint, the skies were empty) We had just one go-a-round on ducks. Seen one flock of Canada’s and two other flocks of very high geese, think they were Specks.

There is some weather in the Dakota’s so maybe the migration will begin. Wind is to blow again tomorrow, so I’m not missing it for nuttin

So the bag for the day was 5 ducks (mixed species) one Coon. Quite a season when you get both a Coon and a Skunk. Over 40 years and both are a first.

Remember the troops in your prayers tonight and please check back, cause it just has to happen soon

See Ya Carl

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