Monday, October 11, 2010

We were SKUNKED today

What an interesting morning. I have to start with my good Friend Robert Thomas II Alias Rob-Bob. Robert bought a new Shotgun, before the season open and had never shot it until today. See if I would buy a new shotgun, the only reason it would not be shot before I got it home is because I had no shell with me. He had bought a new Browning Maxus, last fall for his wife and loved it so much he just had to have one for himself. I just have to say right now, I agree with him it is one great gun and do not criticize him for wanting one. When you hear a gun company saying that their shotgun ,”Has the lightest recoil of any gun on the market”, it is a lie unless it is Browning, and they are talking about the Maxus. Roberts wife, shot a 3.5” shell through her’s last fall, and she does not weigh 100 lbs. To see this lady you have to believe she would be shooting a 20 ga., but not Mindy, she shoots 3” 12 ga, through her Maxus Back to Robert and his new gun, he don’t bring it out ,because he has not cleaned it as yet. This morning at the breakfast table I found out this fine machine was accompanying us to the pits, today. I was even excited over the thought Robert getting a shot with this new gun.

We walked up the road up to the pits and just as we get to the pits we are greeted with the aroma of Skunk. We believe we had pushed this animal up the road up to the blinds and it felt it was trapped and it give us a warning as it had escaped back down the bar, to freedom. Soon it become light and then we noticed it wandering around on the end of the bar, just feet off the end of the pit #1. He would go get a drink then wander around and them go lay down in the wide open spaces in front of blind No 1. We tried to heard him down the bar away from us but he look like he was more interested in attacking, us than going off to freedom. Took us just a little time to figure out this old boy was sick, and we had on other alternative, but to put this animal out of his misery.

Then the question became just how to do that with out causing a BIG STINK, and we have set with in a few feet of where he is and hunt, with customers. We don’t need a big stink. So our good old buddy with the Maxus, Rob-Bob goes into action. He lets the skunk, go lay down and go asleep again and then sneaks up with in about 20 feet of him, with the Maxus and gives him a load, (A 3”#2 Winchester Expert load). This Skunk is D I A. That means Dead In Air. Mud and Skunk were both flying 3 feet in the air. NO ODOR, just a very successful kill. Then “Bless his heart” Robert took the skunk on a shovel and took him across the lake and buried him. We owe you Robert, big time.

So then we discussed just how this report was to be titled to night. Like we did, or maybe “The Maxus will never be Skunked”, another suggestion was “Pepe La Pew”. Forty years of going out there and never had anything like this before.

Now to what was in the sky. Seen plenty of Cormorants today, just few Pintails, and one Canada. When will it get started???

I have some bad news I must post. Ralph’s wife, Dorothy, fell the other day and is in the Hospital in Blair. She broke no bones, but is bruised up very bad, and is in a lot of pain. She is not eating good and the pain pills they are giving her, is making her sick. So it is slow going right now. Ralph is not feeling right about going hunting, with her in the hospital. He has been going out everyday but he heads back pretty early, to go to the Hospital

So your bed time prayers need to include Dorothy tonight, as well as the troops.

See Ya Carl

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