Monday, November 07, 2011

The sky was very interesting today

Well it has been a week since an update, so here goes again. Been waiting for more than an hand full of duck, to make a report.

As legal time come we were seeing a few ducks , then some cormorant and now we are seeing some high flying Snows and Blue's. Have had two rounds on small bunches of ducks. So maybe we will have a bag limit big enough to report, tonight.

Just spotted a flock (35 ish.) of Whitefronts. Something is brewing weather wise, best be packing the lunch kit and grabbing a seat, here in the pits. Hearing shooting through out, the old valley This morning.

Flash!!! Something we don't see in the fall. A flock of about 35 little, Ross Geese. Almost got them in. There is weather brewing. We are in need of some guns.

Before 9:00 we have seen Cacklers, Canada's, Specks, Sky Carp, Ross's, Crows, several species of, ducks, including Gadwall, Wigeon, Mallards, and Pintails. WOW, a bird watchers delight and a hunters dream. Already four go-a-rounds on ducks, however no mallards as of yet.

About noon we got the midday thrill, when up over the west lake we spotted what first was a flock of 15 ducks, that turned into about 125 Whitefronts. They give us a hap-hazard swing then got back on their way to the south. The last posting, I said that we were to the end of the Speck migration, but as usual, I guessed wrong. Has been a much more fun day than it has been for sometime. Not seeing anything, makes, for a long boring day. Could really stand some more shooting, but seeing is so encouraging. Totaled out with 5 flocks of specks, giving us a pretty good look. A flock of about 75 at about 1:30, that had 4 that got the heart rate up pretty good, the whole flock look good but the 4 was really acting good. They would lock up and sail on every round. The main flock finely pulled them out.

We are thinking, that we have seen as much game today, as we have the rest of the season, total. Was a very entertaining day. I am sorry but I put this together as it happened today, sorry that it reads a little funny, I will try a different approach tomorrow.

Just before we pulled out of the blinds there was a huge flock of Specks that went down west of us. Had to be pushing 200 birds. Ended up with no geese but a couple short limits of ducks

Please say a bedtime prayer for all our hero's, and please check back. Maybe we have this season migration underway. I sure hope so.

See ya. Carl

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