Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have had a great aerial duck show this morning.  Both big and little ducks.  Have see even some mallards. Will have all the limits we can have here in a couple minutes.would not be stretching it if I said we had 25 shootable flock between legal and 7:30.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday should be days to remember.  Best be making arrangements for, a hunt. 
We just had a flock in tight enough that one gun just took 4 out of a flock by him self.  
Lacking one duck and we are limited out on ducks for the crew.   We are done on ducks, at 8:02. I agree we are short on hunters, but i can never remember of that ever happening before.  The boss said we could have polished off a box and a half of shell before 8:15.  He is not to far off on that statement.  Just need some people.  I have not shot, because I have all the ducks in my freezer that I want.
Had help walk in, so have another limit to fill  he is going to fill his own limit. 
We needed one more duck and stuck around for a long time trying for it.  Just think, call up just to check, get talked into hurrying to the pits.  Told you have to kill your own limit, and leave a couple hours latter with 5 birds.  Years ago that happened to me with whitefronts, but the limit was one bird.  I was there about 20 minutes. 
Did see one nice flock of about 30 whitefronts, that give is a good look, went south about 2-3 miles, then come back, only to break our heart again.  They just love to do that.  I really believe that is why God invented them.  You know, to humble hunters.  In the fall they won't get within 300 yards of a shotgun, in the spring they cuttle right up to your blind. 
If tomorrow is better, it will be a fun day.  I know I wouldn't miss tomorrow for NUTTIN.
We headed home at about 2:00.  But one great day.  To bad we didn't have a few more hunters.  The boss thinks, we could of shot up about 2 1/2- 3 boxes apiece if we had wanted to today.  Was some great sights, great shots, and some lasting memories of a day that might have been.  Of course I can hear wings again, with these new ears, and we had some flocks of teal, that I think I could of heard without hearing aids.  50 birds at 3 feet over your head, make a loud noise, as they dive the lake. 

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