Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Migration Has Started

Well we found out just why we are out in the pits!  We actually took the guns out of the racks and shouldered them, a few times today.  Still have the opening day jitters, and not connecting to well.  But at least there are a few empties in the trash cans.
We still had strong winds and heavy clouds, today,  just like the two preceding day, but there were birds in them clouds, today.  Early this morning we heard some Specks, and then we seen a flock or two.  The Canada's were absent, but we were getting some shots at ducks.  Green-wing teal then some Gadwall, Wigeon, and last but not the least, a couple flocks of Pintails.  We knocked down some very pretty Pintail drakes. 
The birds are doing just what the boss said they would do.  The shots have been right out in front, great shots.  The decoying has been better than the shooting, but we are having fun, none the less.
Shortly after 1:00 we started seeing the whitefronts, moving.  They were riding the wind and were high.  Did turn a few out of one bunch, but that was it.  Also seen a flock of Canada's.   So we had ducks in the morning and geese in the afternoon.
Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back. 
Just a reminder:  I wouldn't miss tomorrow fro nuttin.
See ya.   Carl   

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