Saturday, October 06, 2012

weather condition were great, shootins was slow

The day started off with excitement, but hammering was not that great.  The first thing we kicked some Canada's off the pond.  Right after legal time we had about 8 big mallards, almost made the fatal mistake.  But some how they escaped with out any harm.  Then about 7:30 we had around a dozen big ones come low and slow from the north.  We are sure, they were the ones we had kicked off the pond early.  They hooked up so nice and we where making plans on how we were going to cook them.  They were just over the road, when they got scared.  We tried hard on the horns, but they were to shook up to give us a chance.  Then about 8:00 we had a little flock of blue wing that hit the water right in front of the pits, out about 30 yards.  The boss was on the horn so I called the shot.  I guessed I surprised everyone, that I was calling the shot, so a very disorganized shot.  Then is when I found out, I was so busy organizing my pit I had not put shells, in the smoke pole.  They did down 2.  Boy, did they ever get talked to, cause how am to claim birds if they don't shoot, better than that.
We have had some of the most perfect shooting conditions today.  And have seen several flocks of birds, but most were pelicans and some loons.  Have seen a few ducks, but nothing like you would think you would see, with such great weather conditions.  I think we have had three go-a-rounds on ducks.  All were teal.
We closed up and headed to the house at about 2:00.  Had a great wind all day long, but just not the birds you would expect to have, this time of year and with the weather change, we have just gone through.
Remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, tonight and every night.      
Check back and we will see ya.   Carl

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