Sunday, October 21, 2012

Empty Pit Alert

We come home early from the pits today. But the boss just called me asking me to alert everyone that he has had a couple call stating. 
That since around 1:00 there are birds in the air.  Big push of Pintails and some Whitefronts, on the move
We were spotting some duck, moving down the river high, just before we abandon the pits. Guess, we had starred into the clear skies with no success for several hours, and though there were better things to do, so come home. 
Maybe you should think of coming to the pits, Monday if nothing better to do. Since this is so short and have not reported it, here is a picture of the Speck we shot a few days back.  This picture was taken by Bub Walters. 
Remember to say a little prayer for the troops tonight.
Keep checking back please.  Some how we are going to get this season underway one of these

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