Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Started slow, but ended in fun

Need to up date you on the events of today.  Most of the early morning we could hear the rumblings from up north.  Later in the morning we began to get reports of the northern spreads, killing there limits of ducks.  We were seeing, just a very few ducks.  Then the reports were they were closing up and heading to the house.  Also there were reports, that the, "North land hunters" were seeing whitefronts.  We were seeing none of this action.  We did have a little action on real small flocks small ducks.  I think we jumped up a couple times on them.  Then we heard some specks, and then seen a couple more flocks of them.  They were all high birds but at least we were getting to see some birds.
Then, just before noon, I stood up and had the broom corn knock the battery door off one of my bionic ears.  So in the process of me trying to find that door and battery I had both front and rear flap up, when I heard we had a goose sneaking in on us.  So we dumped a few loads at him.  Then we had a group of four sneak in on us from the east, and again I was searching for a battery door.  We had a great shot at them, but no one was ready to shoot, so we had to call them off the water, for a less than great shot. 
So I am saying we are at least seeing some birds.  The reports of the last couple of days, are indicating that our Speck push is very near and duck in the area.  We even seen a couple big mallards today too. 
As always please say a little prayer for the troops tonight, at your bedtime. 
Please check back and hoping I have a more exciting report tomorrow.  As I said the signs are it is building for a good days in the near future.
See ya. Carl

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