Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We are ready to go


Have to get you updated on the fall season.  But the first order of business, is to say a big thank you, for all the help we had with the anniversary.   The card shower didn't get to what I wanted but it got so close.  I wanted them to get over 100 cards.  Got so close, the last I heard they had received 96, nice cards.  We still could reach that mark, because Ralph told me that they are still getting a few.  Thanks for your support.  Then the dinner we had.  Have had so many positive reports.  There was over 50 there that night.  I know the Kohlers were so happy of the turn out.   THANK YOU  THANK YOU

Now to the season.  Bird spotting at the lake has been slow, but that could be changing, with this cold front moving in, between today and the weekend.  Sounds like we may even see a flake or two of snow fall, on opening day.

All the corps have been harvested around the lake.  That is a first, not to have crop standing some place, as you scan the shore line.  One of the most different thing, of all.  The bean field that lies east of the lake, they have worked up and the planted winter wheat.  Just think of a 60 acre decoy, once we get some rain.  The geese love that wheat when it pop up, out of the ground.  Then if it is muddy they like to wash their feet too.  Could lead to a sore shoulder on a migrating day.

Departure time from the cafe is at 6:15 Saturday.  I should say again that we are meeting again at Tailgaters, except for Sundays.  Then we will be meeting at Buddies Mini Mart.  That is the first mini mart you come to when coming from the south.  They have a full breakfast, as well as what most mini marts have in the way of breakfast sandwiches.  Also some pastry, that I pretty tasty too. 

As usual, Ralph has worked his butt off in the lake.  I am going to say at least 60% of the lake is food.  Millet, Milo, and Buckwheat.  The lake looks great.  He also has pushed the bar that was in front of the pits, last year, out in the lake about another 40 yards.   We also have a little deeper water in front of the blinds.   

Hoping to see you during the season sometime.  As you know this is the Bosses last year of hunting. and as always; tonight in your bedtime prayers say one for the troops, that are protecting our freedom.  
See Ya   Carl

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