Thursday, October 25, 2012


Would like to say, that the day started off with a bang, but that is not it.  At about 2 minutes before legal we had 3 nice Whitefronts right in here.  Well I am sure you all know by now, that the duck shooting goes on hold when something like that happens.  And to make it even worst the ducks were diving in and out of here from several directions.  If they lined up right on the runway, they were pulling right over the north pits head, very low, and that shot, is never a smart move.  With no shortage of duck, you can't even complain. 
We have had several flocks of Specks in the area, and some giving us a pretty good look.  Most of them are high, riding the wind.  Have got into one little bunch of three, knocking them all down, but still trying to find one of them.
We have. A much bigger crew today so we are working the duck a little harder. We had one huge flock of (250-400), we had one great shot on.  They were riding the wind and the turned right in front of the blinds, giving us a fun shot.  The kill was not what one would expect, but it was a fun shot anyway.
At about 11:30 we got into our first, big Mallards for the year.   Nice red legs on these dudes.  Decoyed in so pretty, but with this wind they vacate the area, so fast.  With overcast skies that keeps them hid so well, that they seem to appear out of nowhere.  Folded up, just dropping. Not giving the hunters the most time to ready for a fast shot.
The weather is just what the average person really believes is the perfect day to harvest waterfowl.  Heavy skies spitting rain.  That is not, usually how it pans out on a good hunting day, but it is working today.  We love the wind, but most of the time the moisture puts the halt to the birds moving. 
At 12:00 noon, had a mass of specks, that we thought were Snow & Blues.  Big V after  Big V.  As I write this we have to have 1-2,000 specks flying over us.  Guess the snow has everything on the move.  We have seen; cormorant, pelican, gulls, all kinds of ducks and geese, except the Canada's.  We just don't understand why we are not seeing any of those birds.  Last few years, the Canada is the the bird we harvest.  We still are in awe, of the number of specks we are seeing today.  Many many thousands
I asked the Boss, if he had kept track of the number of go-a-rounds we have had on ducks, today.  He laughed and implied it has to be 15-18 go-a-round.  I am hearing rumors of the need for restocking the shell supply.  But what fun. 
A closing thought.  Boss said he has never seen that many Whitefronts in one day before.  And that statement, covers a lot of years.  We see a lot of Specks, in the spring, but nothing like we seen today.  Heard from platte river hunters and they had the same report.  Thousands and thousands of Specks.  Someplace is really getting shorted on them birds this year, because "population explosion" just can't be the answer, to what we seen, in this movement, today.  
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