Thursday, December 20, 2012


Was a "working day" to even get to the blinds.  We waited until almost daylight before we left for the pits this morning.  We went by the bosses house and picked him up on our way to the blinds.  The road was pretty rough, getting to the blinds.  We had customers or we may have stayed in town.  With the snow and the wind still blowing it around making our way down to the lake, not the usual trip. With the blowing snow, seeing where you were driving was the biggest problem.  We found the blinds were not covered with the white stuff as we had thought as we traveled from town.  Got the customers into the pits and broke just a little ice then started hunting.  Yes, it was cold, but with a few section of fiberglass placed, just right it was tolerable.  Then just before 10 o'clock we started seeing some geese on the move.  Then we started getting them to turn around and give us a look.  We did talk one flock of 8 to decoying for a great shot.  What a sight it was to see them, decoy in that wind.  I was telling my crew "they will be to our right over the blinds, then I would say they, will be right over us straight up, then they will be right over the pit to the left.  Cancel that they are coming across the bar way left and be out in front".  Well they got out in front and got real low and pulled up to the water hole, for a great shot.  They dumped half of them in the lake.  Made the efforts of getting to the blind all worth it.   They were all big heavy 12 pound birds. 
We must have "called" about 15 - 18 flocks today.  Think we turned 5, should have got into 3 flocks.  It was an exciting, hard working, cold day, but is a day that we will remember, and isn't that what you look for in a day of hunting??
Last evening, with all the preparations for the blizzard, I did not get out a report for Wednesday.  We harvested 3 out of one bunch and had another flock in there with a low shot out the back, that we didn't do, very good shooting on.
Will let you go, but please remember to say a prayer for all the service men and women, that are guarding our country.  Especially all the ones that will be separated from their families this holiday season.  Also remember to check back
See ya.  Carl    

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