Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plenty of birds but the action was little slow

Thursday, no Honey Buns and nothing early.  However we did see a few little bunches of Mallards.  Don't know but there has to be a frustrating day looming when you see some ducks early.  The early morning, duck have been the missing link for us, all season long.  Just when, we were feeling it maybe a duck day. Everything changes and all the ducks disappeared.  Then at about 10:00 we started seeing the Canada's, soon after we had a pair that got to close to us and we made short work of them.  Then we had several flocks that, were just teasers.   They just would give us a little look then fly on.  Did get into one flock of around twenty.  We don't have a big enough hole for them, but I remember on the day when we set the record on Canada's, that hole was not as big as we have today.  The biggest flock that day come and everything was landing on the ice, none was landing in the water hole.  But I don't know birds like he does so he may be on target.
We worked hard on several flocks, in the afternoon, but they had the power to resist our calling, and moved on.
Just the two, go-a-rounds today.
Please say a little prayer for the troops tonight.  Also please check back,
See ya.   Carl

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