Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two for One

This is a report that should have been posted on Tuesday but had computer problems

As many of you know or have heard there are time to shoot geese.  Many years ago Ralph started logging info into a little tablet, on the geese, as they passed his view.  He log how many birds in the flock, species of geese and number that was in the flock, if they decoyed, if we shot, the time of the shot, and  how many they killed. He has books back to the 50's.  Several years ago, when computers were becoming a little more friendly to use, this information was put into the computer.  There was all kinds of information, they got from this, data.  Some was easy to understand and some was for only a statistician.  Well one of the more interesting pieces of data, was the 5 most frequent times birds were killed.   They are 9:23, 10:17, 12:08, 3:10, and 4:25.  The most popular time is 12:08.  Since this info was made aware to the hunters, it has been  a tendency, to check the time of every shot. 12:00 noon to 12:15, is a time of day we scan the skies harder, refuse to leave the blind except an emergency.  It is so unbelievable, how many times that you see 12:08 on your watch, when you bust into a flock.  That was then case today on our shot, my watch read 12:08.  
With the lake covered with ice, and a less than ideal water hole, with much hard work, they made it a little more appealing to the birds.  Then we manned the pits with great anticipation, setting for few hours, and several flocks, we finely hit pay dirt. We had a flock coming in from the northwest and a flock coming in from the northeast.  I predicted they were on a collision path and were meeting right over us.  I missed it by a few yards and the met up just to the northeast of the pits.  After a tough calling job we talked a few of them over and the crew, went into action.   Not the greatest results, but we put down a few.  I can not bend my knees and stand so I can look from just under the grass, I did not have my crew aware of the bird location.  Sorry guys but, I had no idea, to their location, or maybe we would have got a couple more down
This Wednesdays report

As most of you know the boss has a sweet tooth.  Some of the customers help him out with this hang up, and use any action as an opportunity to reward him, with candy and other sweet goodies.  On Wednesday morning we fed the boss a Honey Bun first thing, before it was even legal in the morning.  Well we were into two flocks in the first half hour of legal hunting.  We are giving the credit to the honey buns. We were upset we run out of them so early.    So sales of Honey Buns, may set a sales record here in December.  Advice from the pits, buy Honey Bun stock.  Also there was a big box of other pastry, but the Honey Buns was first on the menu. 
The first bunch was in, at maybe 2 minutes past legal.  Second bunch was about 4 minutes  before O'l sol, even showed his face.  A very exciting and memorable start to a morning, especially for a year, that has been so slow, over all.
We knew the day could not continual this, but we did picked up a couple of singles, as the day went on.
Sorry about the mess up last evening.  Please say a little prayer for the troops that serve our nation.
Also please check back and we will see ya   Carl

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