Sunday, December 16, 2012

Didn't limit out BUT

Hope no one is shocked, but we called in some ducks and had a harvest job, on them.  Then shortly after 9:30 we started seeing the Canada's.   There was a serious push of Canada's, and we should of had a big kill.  The number of guns were a factor, but our shooting was another issue.  BUT, we had birds that took an issue with our spread too, and never got into good range, for a good kill.  Some flocks never got close enough for us to ever call a shot on.  Some flocks gave, us quite the show.  Two flock one with three and one with four was  locked up with feet down, decoyed in but, changed their minds and climbed out.  Was one beautiful sight.  Then we has another flock that even "corn shucked" as they come in and then they changed their minds, and turned out.  We have had a couple dozen flocks, that tried to decoy, they pull out and pulled back to us but then rolled out and moved on.   Have to tell you that those flocks all had little Cacklers in the flocks, and they had their influence on those flocks.  Need to kill those little SOB.   But it was a fun and exciting day.
As for ducks, we may have seen 3-5 flocks.  Even had one flock that done as I predicted, to a point.  They got into the field across the lake, from us.  I was asked how long would they feed.  I said about 20 minutes, then they would jump up and head our way, and want to stop here and wash their feet and get a drink.  Well they feed for the 20 minutes, then jumped up and headed for our spread, and then went to the river for the drink and feet washing job.  Boy, them birds love the make a lier out of me. 
Remember the troops tonight and every night, in your bed time prayers.
Also check back when ever you can. 
See ya.  Carl   

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