Monday, December 03, 2012


Fog and more fog.  Was rough even getting to the blinds this morning.  Especially from town, on the black top, when we turned onto the gravel it was not to bad from there to the pits.  But shortly after we crawled into the pits it really socked us in.  Was that way till after 9:00, then it started lifting.  Shortly after it started lifting my bionic ears kicked in, I heard some geese.  I told everyone I was hearing geese.  Then the hunters spotted a nice variety pack, coming from the north.  We fired up the choir and they really responded good.  Was surprising to us, for that early in the day.  Had a six pack of the big ones pull out, and give us a couple swings.  Of course the little Cacklers won out and pulled them out, and safely on south.  A few minutes later, I hear another flock coming, but they turned west before the got to us. 
Did have had a little success with the ducks, and we got into them a few time.  Nothing to brag about on the kill, but the last two flocks were after the wind come up.  First go-a-round a down wind shot, which is always fun.   The second flock was wanting to land out in the lake, but with some serious conversation, strayed close enough for us to harvest a few. 
Everyday we say it just has to break lose and we have to have a powder burning day, but the never show up.
Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back
See ya.  Carl

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