Wednesday, December 05, 2012


The day got off to a very different day, this morning.  Geese just do not show up early in the day.  Now there is the geese that you kick out of the decoys, that come back early in the day but feeding geese and migrating geese just do not decoy good, early in the morning. Well, it was different, this morning.  Early, before sunrise we had a flock of about 50, come meandering down the flyway.  We fired the choir up, and they decoyed, in giving us a good shot.  Today, was as it has been all fall, we did not shoot good.  Then latter there was flock that was trying, to pull a silent sleek job, coming up from the south, but was spotted and we got them in just for a fair shot.  Again our poor shooting was costly for the total bag.  Then we had a lone snow, give us a good play.  He give us a good shot on him. 
With the nice wind out of the south east, and all the goose activity, the boss was sure there was a need for a decoy adjustment, and the "boot gang" went out and made short work of that.   
The thrill of the day.  I was setting down and looked west southwest and spotted a flock of geese, flying north almost three quarters of a mile west, of the lake.  We all got on our horns and started calling hard.  Well with the wind they only slowed their travel north just a little, but was slowly turning around.  They had to be a couple miles down wind, before getting turned around, and with a spotter with fields glasses, kept our hearts into our calling.  He kept saying "their locked up, so we kept calling.  We brought them back at least 2 miles.  After about three or four near misses, they got close enough for us to shoot.  It was at extreme range but we went into action.  Brought down one, and there were a couple cripples that made their escape to far for a retrieve.  It was beautiful, it was a big thrill.   Has to be one of the more fun days of the fall season.
As always remember the troops tonight in your evening prayers.
Also check back and we will see ya.

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