Friday, December 14, 2012

short crew shot well

The Honey Bun affect is still on, first off we had birds in just after legal and took 2 of three.  Then at about 10:00 we had a nice group of about a dozen and a half birds, that floated in from the west with very little encouragement. When the smoke cleared there were 6 more DIP.   Great morning for just a very short (4) crew, shooting.   
Was an action filled morning, for this short crew.  But never the less to the size of the crew, it was beautiful decoying of this flock. 
This was about all we seen today.  Again, today the skies were vacant of ducks.  Would be fun to see some duck again.  We seen those high fliers on Sunday morning but nothing that resembled a duck, since. 
Just have to get one of the sunrises in.  This was this morning, and the report is short.  Please remember the prayer for the troops tonight and also check back.
See ya     Carl

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