Friday, November 01, 2013


Well it has been awhile since I posted anything, but we have not been seeing anything worth reporting.  What we have shot is very meager.  Other than a snow goose that got shot out of the decoys, maybe a total so a half dozen ducks. 
However today, things are looking much better.  I have dumped two barrels on a flock of blue bills, crippling one very slightly.  But the exciting things, we have seen several big flocks of geese.  Think one may have been Canada's, but the rest was Snows&Blues, Specks, and one flock that just may have been Cacklers.  Had one bunch of Specks early, that we got to circle, about three circles, but no cigar.   Throughout the day we had to see around twenty flocks of geese.  All were very high, riding the wind south, but at least we seen geese today.  However, we are still baffled as to why we are not seeing Canada's. 
Now the ducks, we did bust into a small flock of ducks.  Our execution squad did a number on them.  NOTHING FLEW OUT. Will have to admit, there were more shot fired at them, after the dumbing volley, than the volley to put them in the lake.  I know one hunter shot 5 barrels at them.  Well at least the dog had an easier time picking them up, that way. 
If you have not heard, and I have not posted this, but the other day we had a big Cat in the lake.  The bar that was out there, most of it is gone.  Boy oh Boy, do we have big water now.   
Other news I have lights in my blind now.  Not all the wiring is done, but we now can see, in the morning, to get settled in.
It is now November, and this migration just has to increase, everyday. 
Just have to say during the big see-do-nothing period, that the master provided us with some great sunrises.  Will not post this morning, but it is one of the better ones, but think I will post a picture of the dirt work being done.  

So remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and check back  because it am sure there will be a more regular posting than has been, here of late. 
See ya.   Carl 

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