Monday, October 23, 2006


Early this morning just after arriving we heard Specks, and they were very close, but it was so dark we never seen them. We never heard them again so we had to believe they were setting in the lake and we woke them, and they left the area before it got dangerous.

Had a couple of go-a-rounds on duck, but not to many of them around today. Nothing like it was yesterday for ducks. That was a good push of Mallards. One of the ducks we bagged today was a big drake and if they all as fat as this one, you can rest assured, they are finding enough food.

The thrill of the day: Pappa Goose was looking across the lake and spotted 4 birds coming right at us, we almost mistook them for another bird, for just a minute or two. After gathering our wit's, and a few toots on the old goose horn, and we had them in the bag. This is the first time in several years we have seen, a family group of Snows on the move. Any more they seem to always be in huge flocks numbering into the hundreds, instead of being just a few to maybe 30 in a flock. Spotting, S&B in the fall, send me back down old memory lane, as I reflect on time when we would come out in October, and we would almost be assured, that before the days end, you would have 2 to maybe 10 go-a-rounds on them before days end. Back in those days a flock of 30 birds was viewed a large flock. They would turn into the wind and stand there as they studied out every minute detail, of the spread before they would get down into range of our smoke poles. Your old pulse rate was sky high before the, go command, was given.

Enough of that stuff of days gone by, I had better get this up so you all can check it out.

Remember all the boys and girls that are protection our nation tonight, in your prayers

See Ya ,and check back


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