Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thurs hunt was short again. We got some rain over the night and it was very muddy out at the pond.

Ralph, Lyle, and I all walked in, just to see if there was anything on the pond and see if anything was flying, that we should be excited about. The boss always tells us that they don’t like to fly when there is allot of moisture in the air, and he was totally right this morning. The biggest movement we seen, is when we got out of the pits after daylight and all the duck that was on the pond got up and moved to the south end.

Never seen, heard, or smelled a goose. Was hoping for a small flock of Specks, to come visit, but no such luck.

Got word this morning that Garry Mason, this is the founder of the Legends of the Outdoors, was sick and had to be flown back to his home in Tennessee. He has just found out he has diabetes and his sugar level had got very high. Garry had just hunted with us a few days ago, and was in South Dakota hunting when he was stricken. So this evening when you touch base with our maker, please include him and the troops in your evening Prayers.

Check back and I’ll see ya


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