Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today was not as we expected. Had a lake full (1000+) of Snows and Blues when we arrived this morning. As usual they out smarted us, and got out without any of them getting hurt. Was expecting to see a big push of dark geese today, but that was not the case. However we did see several huge bunches of the Snow and Blues, on the move South. Flocks were in the hundreds of birds, and some were so high, you just have to wonder if we missed more than we seen.

I don’t know if I said, that most of the ducks we seen yesterday were Pintails, well there was not near the ducks today either, and I think we got over the hump on pintails. There was quite a few mallards today and we had a few more hunters today so we had a fair shoot on ducks. The total was just over 20 in the bag

We did have a pair of little Cacklers drop in on us today, and we took both of them. There is a secondary story on those two. They were both banded, so it will be interesting as to when and where that happened. What, is the chances that both would be banded. So when we find out ‘the rest of the story’ I will pass it on. We kept the bands, and let the customers take the birds.

Another story, I need to relate to you. All the customers, decided they had hunted long enough, and decided we would close up at 4:00. I went and got the truck and while we cleaned and closed the pits, one of the members took a load of costumers up to the parking lot. We had all the work done, and was waiting for the truck to come back and pick us up, when we heard some dark geese. Looked up and there was 28 Hutch and Cacklers decoying in, and was wanting in very bad. I think that has happened 5 times so far this fall, that before we was off the property, when we had geese come in.

Have to get busy, so will let you go.

Ask our maker, to take care of our troops, tonight in your prayers, and please check back

See Ya Carl

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