Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hardly any wind this morning, so made the decoying and shooting very difficult. Got into ducks only one time. There was a few ducks around early, And some were Mallards, so the good shooting is getting close.

The spotting of geese was not as successful as should be this late in the year. I think we seen only 3 or 4 flocks and they were all small flock and had none, in the area of the lake.
The geese we did see were some Specks and some Cacklers. Had one big Canada, give us a circle, before moving on South, he looked like he had had a blind fight , before getting to us.

Most of the hunters wanted to get back home in time for the game so not much hunting after the noon hour.

One of these days we will have another good day this fall. Sure did start out good, but that all shut down and we have the feeling that we may have to go to bird identification class, so we can be sure we haven’t been letting the wrong birds pass by.

Not much news to report so will close this up.

So remember the troops tonight in your bed time prayers

See Ya Carl

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