Friday, October 27, 2006

Had a great wind today, and the clouds disappeared, by mid morning, but the bird refused to give us an opportunity for any harvesting. Boy that was great to have a sunshiny day again. Seems like we have not had any sunshine for over a week. It sure was refreshing, to see today.

We seen several (4-6) big flocks of Specks on the move. Had only one flock that decoyed for a short time early in the day. Once, we seen them we thought we would have several flock before the day ended, but that was not the case. We do, have the feeling that tomorrow will be a good push of Specks. So I guess I should say "why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin. The forecast for the wind is for another day of fairly strong winds form the North West. We also need to be seeing some Canada’s. The sky has been void of them for several days too.

Did spot some Mallards, that was on the move, but we were not successful in harvesting any of them either. It is getting to be the time, in the season if we are going to see some Mallards, we should be seeing them real soon. All of the reports from the North, that there is plenty of them up there. Will be fun to say, we seen some again. We have been having plenty of rain and they are not getting the ground turned over on the bottom, like they have in past years, so I am guessing if we ever get some Mallards they should stick around for a while.

Remember the troops in your evening prayers, and please check back

See Ya Carl

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