Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today is the first day after the time change, back to standard time. For some reason this seem to be a tough day for people to get up and come hunting. Now, I think some of them miss set their clocks and don’t want any of us to know any different, and some have just give up, and write the day off, because this is always a ‘short hunter’, day. When we went to the pits this morning there was only Ralph and I, and Ralph is not carrying his gun. Later in the morning one more hunter walked in, for obvious reasons he will remain name less. Now this is just the setting you up, for the activates, that took place later on, in the morning.

Now for the real hunting story. There were several chances for ducks but before NLA arrived that means Name Less Arrived. But I passed on them, and then there was a lone Speck at about 80 yards that Ralph would not let me go on him, because he didn’t want me to inform all, from today on, that I placed him DIP That means Dead In Pond, so he escaped unharmed. Then just a little later we spotted a nice flock of Whitefront’s, flying real low, looked like that they had just got kicked out of a field just north of us. They didn’t give us a good look, as the continued on there Merry Ol’ Way South.

The boss had some places to go and Name Less and I said we could go and let him have a little time off. At about this time, we spotted three Big Boys trying to slip in on us, and drink the lake dry. So we fired up the horns and pulled them over to our side of the pond. The boss gave the command “Take Em” From now on, this would be easer if I wasn’t so damn modest. Most of you know I refer to my self as a OSFF that means Old Slow Fat Fart. Before, OSFF could get my smoke pole (War Eagle) into action, he says “hurry up”, making yours truly just a little more nervous. Well,----- when the smoke cleared there was one DIP, one mortally wounded, sailing to the south trying to get out of my sight, before the inevitable, took place. The third was shocked beyond , good reasoning and come back by and Ol” War Eagle gave him another load, as he sailed off to the West lake, I know he will never see Kansas . (I got that line from another hunter) Now believe me when I say that these were big birds. I don’t think a one will go as light as 12 lbs. 24 ounces.

The boss has the rest of the day off, and I have some great memories, that I will never-ever-ever bring up again, before tomorrow.

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight and check back.

I promise, I won’t put this much BS in one report again, unless there is an opportunity to do so.

See Ya

Killer Karl

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