Monday, October 30, 2006

We started the day with just Ralph and I, and it was obvious that we were needing some help. The ducks were decoying in like only most duck hunter dream about. With a little arm twisting we had some support on the way. Finely we got the hunter count up to 6 that includes RK, and he don’t have a gun.
We also started out with one great Sunrise too. It was great enough to make the trip to the pits worth it, all by it’s self.

I’m sorry but I just have to say this right quick like. “Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.” I will give you some figures to support that thought. Pappa Goose quit writing down the flocks of ducks at 51 flocks. And there were enough flocks after that to have a great and succesfull days hunt. There was I think 9 flocks of Whitefronts, One flock of Cacklers, One flock of Big Canada’s. It take several pages in his log book to get all those flocks wrote down.

I need to inject that we started out with a fair South East wind, and it gradually moved to the North West and got up to about 35 MPH

A couple of our guns could only stay for an hour or so, and most of our ducks had passed by that time, so with just three guns to do the shooting we still end up with a pretty damn good bag of birds, when we called it a day..

I will give you the story a few birds at a time. We had Whitefronts almost get into us a couple of times, real early. But they, are always tough to get into harvesting range, so we missed on several bunches, that way. Also, they combined the Soybean field just East of the pond, and as luck would have it, they costs us a couple go-a-rounds, on Specks too. We did have a pair come in and do everything right for us and we harvested them. They were two very big Specks, We think they may be the Greater Whitefront goose, we have no way to check it out. Shortly there after, we had a flock of 12 Cacklers come in and give us just a marginal shot on them, but we did harvested 5 of them. Just before we called it a day we had a nice flock (20+ birds), of big Canada’s come in from a mile high and over the river. Of course, they got South East of the pits and got real low and come dragging up through the lake, some of the time we were wondering if they was going to give it up and land before they got to us. They finely got up to us and we put 3 of them down. In this wind if you didn’t hit on the first shot, you just forget it. So 3 guns 3 birds ,and we are proud, of that round.

So again I will say it “I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for Nuttin. If all possible you shouldn’t either.

So remember the troops with a little prayer this evening.

See Ya and Check Back


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