Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday the 24 we didn't any hunters so didn't hunt, so I didn't update, with a report. However, on a trip back to the pits late in the afternoon, kicked a rather large flock (75+) of Cacklers off the lake. There was reports of the Whitefronts were on the move, so there is a possibility that there were a few of then in that bunch too.

Today he had a couple of interesting hunters, hunting with us today. We had some reminiscing, coming over the speakers in the pits. Montie West, who used to hunt with Ralph and was Ralph's partner in the Decoy bushiness. Along with him was Reed Kennedy, who was the publisher of Ralph book. So the conversation over the Intercom was rather interesting all day long, as stories of river hunting, stories of old timers, and I am sure you get the picture.

As for the excitement for the day, this all unfolded around 10:30. Stated out with spotting of three big Canada's over the West lake, moving to the North lake. While watching them we spotted a large flock of about 50 geese moving right towards us. Soon I D-ed then as a flock of Whitefront's. After giving all three lakes in the area a good look they settled down and sailed into our lake, looking like they were going to land in middle of the pond, but gained a little altitude, and hooked right up over the pits, about 55 yards high. That is a marginal shot so the boss, was going to give them one more circle. But the got all grouped up again and flew our, and we never seen them again. This is one time where hind sight is 20-20 and foresight was a bad decision.

Please remember all the troops that are in harms way, tonight in your bedtime prayers.

See Ya and please check back


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