Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another Preseaon Report

Well in a few days we will be settling into the pits for another fall of hunting. All reports are favorable for a good season of hunting. As you can see by the picture the lake is pumped as well as the decoys are set and already move at least one time, hoping to get us the very best shot, possible. Remember last season, the distance from the pits to the shore line was about a shotgun shot, well that has increased. Last year, you may have thought, you could harvest birds flying the shore line. You may have, on the first shot, because it was just over 40 yards. This year that distant has increased to just over a 100 yards. I think the boss said it was now 102 yards. Now I am not predicting, but this may just give the ducks enough room, to roll back off the decoys, for another try, and not fly over any land. So maybe, with water, under them they will stay low, and be in range on the next pass. Lets hope so. Also, lets hope that there is some snow in the north land, by that, I am saying Sioux City and north. If that happens, just maybe there will be some big ol’ Mallards move, into our area and feed in corn fields in Burt County and not corn fields in the Dakota’s. It is our turn to have the birds to feed here again, and we have a great powder burning season, on ducks.

Please, when you get your first good look of the lake, be sure to tell Ralph, your feeling on how it looks, because he has put in endless hours, out there this summer. I was taking to easy and he worked his behind off. The place looks great.

Well here is hoping for a memorable opening day. I will be up dating most days, but if we are having bad days I may not put out a report. It is so hard to write some thing positive when it is actually negative. Again I just have to say, the place looks so good and there is so many good reports on the birds, there should be very few bad days.
As always please say a prayer for the troops that are in harms way, and are protecting our home land.
I guess I should explain a little about the picture. I am standing in the area where we park the white truck and looking up the road to the blinds. We are setting in the middle of a big lake.

See Ya.

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