Monday, October 20, 2008

There was some powder burn't today

Did not have a posting for over the weekend, but the weekend was very slow, and nothing happened, that needed reporting.

However, today was just a little different. Had plenty of birds, and we did decoy some, but not near what we should have. As far as to what was on the move, There was a good push of Cacklers, Whitefronts, Mallards. Bluebills. Along with seeing, ample number of Canada’s. We were not to flush with guns, but we should have limited out on both Ducks and Canada’s. We did take a couple of limits of ducks and 3 big Canada’s. Today, was one of them days if it wasn’t for bad luck you had no luck at all, especially on the geese. We should have been into at least 4 maybe 6 more flocks, more than we were. But there has been many days, in the past, I have hunted that I would gladly trade for an exciting days like we had today.

Again this morning the walk was another moonlight walk. We did have a bad odor for awhile, then we got a shot and pushed a big flock, of then stinking pelicans, out of the lake. They were setting up wind of us, and there are many animals in this world, that have a better odor, than they do.

Well enough complaining for one day so remember, all the young men and women that serve this great country, in you bed time prayers.

See Ya Carl

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