Monday, October 27, 2008

The day after, the blast

More on Yesterday’s hunt
The picture above is of My Grandson, myself and Ralph. This is part of the kill from yesterday, because some hunters, had fled the area, with game, before we got around to pictures. You can get a feeling as to how the wind was blowing, by Kyle’s hair and Ralph and my stance.
We did not know just how lucky we were, with yesterday hunt. Found out today that not many birds were harvested in the area on Sunday. Had some hunter say they never seen any ducks, other complained they were to busy trying to keep decoys and gear in place, and were not looking. I must say we had our problems, with decoys too. In fact RK spotted one more decoy today, on the way out from the blinds. Will have to get it picked up and back in the spread, tomorrow.

Now to today’s action
Well the wind was down, but the bird movement also slowed some too. Hardly any geese, and the ducks were so hard to see in a cloudless sky. Got into ducks two times today. Both bunches were down wind shots, I think. The second bunch I had food in my hand and if it comes down to me dropping food to shoot, or staying down and staying fat, I choose the later. So I don’t know just which way the last flock was flying. Every one agreed that the kill would not have changed anyway, so I guess that was okay. I do know there is a much better chance of harvesting more that one bird out of a flock on a wind like today’s, than it was in yesterday’s, hurricane .
Best get busy so will close.

Please remember the troops that serve us, in your prayers tonight
See ya Carl

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