Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have not drown

Even though there is not much to report in the shooting department, I need to update this Report, just so you don’t think I have died or given up.

We have just gone through, a monsoon season, here in Nebraska. Not for sure just how much rain we have received in the past couple days, because most people, had turned their rain gauges over, in anticipation, of winter. But it is wet here. The lake got so full that it almost got into the pits. The lake was running over the dike on the north end, when the Boss went out to check on things. He then pulled the plug and let it drain for most of yesterday afternoon and all night last night. That is over 12 hours with a 18 inch stream, flowing, to get it down to an except-able level again, is a lot of water.

All the ducks we seen today were wearing life jackets. On the way back to town, I seen two farmers, here on the bottom, that were busy, constructing Arc’s, and the women were gathering, up the livestock. Well maybe that is just a little over the top, but we are wet. Reports of 3 to 4 inches of rain on the bottom. I have been asking for another fall of this type, before I hang up the ol’ smoke pole, for good. Well it has arrived. There are many a fields, that may require a freeze up before harvest. There will be the "12 inch deep tracks with 6 inches of water standing in them", that I have wished for, for several years. Now if the ducks would only comply, it would be a great thing. But then some poor sole would start to believe, I knew something, and that has never happened before.

Well this enough B S, for today. So please check back and remember the troops in your prayers tonight.

See Ya

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