Saturday, October 11, 2008


We arrived at the pits all full of anticipation, of a great shooting day. The temp was just a little above what you would call a great day for a duck hunt. Of course ducks hunters are always optimistic, and the curves mother nature are always taken in stride. We snuggled into the pits, loaded the smokepoles, poured the coffee readying ourselves for the first go around. Mother nature had us a little nervures, as she was droping some rain drops on our head and there was, a little lighting flashing in the thunderhead. that was passing just over head. Soon ol’Sol started poking his head above the horizon in the east and was brightening up the day. We were spotting a few teal flying by, just out of range. But things like this only make you think the day is turning into your favor. The conversations builds, as the day get brighter and you can see just who you are conversing with. You find out just what has happened in each others life since you last shared the pit. You are up dated on , all the lies about fish, they almost got into the boat, what this ones grandkid did, troubles someone had on a car trip, all the time scanning the skies for that thin line of birds coming your way. Stories were interrupted by, "are those ducks, geese or loons" , But that is all the fun of waterfowl hunting. If it was just, the shooting, you went hunting for, there would not be many blinds being occupied. So with all that said, I can only say we had a pretty good day. We seen the front edge of the whitefront push, as we watched a couple flocks of them pass into and out of our view, 3 to 4 flocks of Loons or Cormorants glide down the river and a few small flocks of small ducks. Also had one little flock of Pintales, pass over, as well. Did have a couple of Gadwals dive into range, downing one and had several hunters claim it. I can not figure why, them other guys were shooting in my shooting lane, and not shooting, the bird that was closer to them, but they claimed my bird. But that is what, waterfowl hunting is all about. See that is what is wrong with fishing, how do you claim a fish when it is on some other persons line. Believe me when I say, that is one reason I don’t do much fishing.
I am going to tell the truth when I say I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin. There is no sport where you can have so much fun, on a bad day and even more on a good powder burning day as well. Here is hoping we have some great powder burning days this season, as well as, some darn good visiting days too.
The boss has the lake looking so good and you just have to be optimistic about this season.
Lets hope this report is a little more fruitful tomorrow, so please check back. Till then, remember all the troops, in your bed time prayers tonight and everynight.
Check back and see ya
Killer Karl

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