Friday, October 17, 2008

Two days reports

Well I have to apologize to you about last evening report. We shut down real early and I done something’s, I needed to get done and then forgot to put out a report. Had a Grandkid in a football game last night and was setting in the stands, when it come to me that I had forgot all about, getting this report out. So you get two days in one report.

We had got into a couple of Canada’s, and took one and had harvested a duck too, but the outlook was pretty bleak. The lake was looking like a mirror and Ralph was wanting to make a big change to the spread, and thought it was a good day, to make this move. Of course he did not want any help, but wanted us off the lake while he was doing the work. There was only one member so we sent him home, and other things took over our lives. I do like the new look, and it may just prove very fruitful.

Now, to Fridays report. This one is more exciting.

We woke up to rain, when I went down town at 5:15 it was still raining, but before we got our breakfast ate and out to the lake, the rain had stopped and the clouds had moved out, making for, a great moon lite walk, into the pits. We were hearing Geese moving around and they were so low that the big bright moon, was casting a shadow, as they flew over the lake. We had ducks, in the area too and before it was legal to take them. Once it was time to shoot all the geese had left the area and the ducks were getting fewer too. R K and his bride had an appointment with the eye Dr. so his plans was, to pull out before most of us had our second cup of coffee, poured. This makes it amateur day, for us. We took full advantage of it too. I must tell you before Ralph, left the pits, we had thumped a couple of duck, with just that many shots. He was shocked by this display of deadly shooting, however he just may deny, that this ever happened but we have him out numbered, claiming that it is true. After he was gone we took another duck.

Lyle had some commitments as well so he left about an hour after RK had, so that left just one member and me still aboard the ship. I need to inject that we had a very light wind out of the south east, at about 5 MPH, but the radio was forecasting, we were to get a wind from the North later in the afternoon. Well about 11:00 it started to switch around, by 12:30 we were experiencing a nice wind of around 10MPH from the north northwest. Along with this wind we also had some birds moving, that provided the two of us, with an entertaining afternoon. We did not get a shot but did spot several bunches of ducks as well as a nice flock of geese. We abandon ship about 3:00.

This is personal, but I have been getting several, inquiries as to my new knee. Things are going just great with it. No pain, and I have been walking in mud, and am so pleased with it so far. Thanks for your concern.

Will let you go. But as always please say a prayer for all the troops tonight, in your bed tie prayer.

Please check back
See ya Carl.

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