Sunday, March 21, 2010

The action was late in coming

Was a very slow morning. Did not see a Snow of a Blue, and it was about the time I was wishing I could go home and kick back in my recliner, and maybe catch a wink or two of sleep. When we started to see them on the move. We thought there was going to be plenty of movement today with the clear skies, snow to south, and plenty of movement yesterday. But the movement was late in coming. Most of what we seen was almost all Ross’s and they have the ability, to fake you out on a shot. Not only do they not fly, where you think they are going, but dive and dart around in the process. In plain English, “you shoot where they aint”. Some say I have the habit of doing that all the time. We got into birds three times today, winding up with 22. So that brings our total for Sat and Sunday up to 99. We were hoping to break the 100 mark yesterday, but it just did not happen, and we could not do in the whole weekend. There was no wind today, and that did not help with the decoying, either. A little breeze can really be an advantage.

Not much to report so will post this and get ready for tomorrow. Say a little prayer for all the young people that are serving us, around the world, tonight and every night.

See Ya Carl

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