Friday, March 12, 2010

A sportsman sky, was todays view.

The spring aerial show is underway. The report were flowing in, That birds were filling the sky way south, starting at about St Joe, and as they passed each check point we would receive a call, and it continued until we were seeing them. I will admit we did not see the number that were report south of us, but you just have to believe some stopped on the way. Of course some could have drifted west or east of us too. Got one bunch in on us and decoyed several others. If we could get some good ol’ sunshine, we just may leave the pits with a big smile on our face. Today was the first day we had, Snow and Blues over us, but again this was the first day that there were not showers every few minutes.

We have open water, but there is still ice on the lake. Not sure just how thick it is, and quite sure it is so rotten a dog would break through, but it is still there. Have a nice hole out in front of the pits and that is all that counts. A couple of times today we would look out on the water and there would be a huge chunk of ice come floating by, so there is spots opening up, for the chunks to float.

Northwest of us there was several thousand Canada’s feeding. I remember days when you would have thought a flock of that size is never seen in Nebraska. There is an abundance of them. In the fall you rarely see a big flock of white front (Specks) but a flock of a 100 or more is not uncommon in the spring, and they didn't disappoint us to day either. Still not convinced there is any duck to brag about. We never seen many in the fall and our opinion was not changed, with the low numbers, we spotted today.

Had a nice group of hunters this morning and they were rewarded. I think there was hunters in 5 blinds today. None were what I would say full, but there was hunters in blinds 2 through 6. The shot we got today was really a pretty good shot, but with the early season jitters we did not harvest as well as we should have. We took six and should have taken nearer to 20. I and not going to point any fingers, because my shooting was far from perfect too.

We will be leaving the Café starting on Sunday at 6:30, remember that is the first day of Daylight saving time, and the 6:30 is the new time.

There is plenty of deep mud in our area so dress with Mud in mind.

As always, remember all the troops with a prayer tonight, and every night.

See Ya Carl

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