Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two in one today

I have two days to report to you. I could not get a report to sound good last evening so after many tries, I quit. Monday, I think we had just two go-a-rounds and put 8 in the sack. Was a pretty short crew for both yesterday and today. I think the bag had 6 in it, today.

We done a total, total on what we have done this season and it is short by a long way. However, with the weather the way it is, it is not that bad. We have gone over 150 birds, so in comparison of years past it is bad. Again we would be winding down on the hunt in ordinary years, when we had our first good days hunt, this season. Once the snow line went past our area it was open in the Dakotas, so we did not get much of a play on the breeders. As for just how much longer we are hunting, (I am getting mail with this question), I have no idea. The reports are not favorable from the south, but we are still seeing several flocks a day, and they are decoying so My guess as long as we are seeing birds, we will be there.

I need to mention that the birds we were seeing over the week end and yesterday seamed to be mainly Ross’s, but today there was more Snow and Blues. I have a feeling there is a message there, as to the migration, but not sure just what it is.

Can’t make sense of anything I am trying to write so best close this and get it posted

Besure to remember the hero’s that are serving our country overseas as well here in the home land, tonight in your prayers.

Check back again, please. See Ya Carl

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