Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere

Well I am back on the road to recovery. Told the Dr. I had to get better to die. So he prescribed me $100.00 worth of meds, and I got better.

I will try to get you back up to speed on the hunting. The first issue has changed from snow to the water. The bottom is so full that only the highest ground and the roads are all that is sticking out. The ditches are all full of snow and water cannot run away so all the drainage ditches and road ditches are full of water. The Tekamah bottom is what I have always vision the Mississippi river delta looking like. It is a serious problem. If we had any birds settle down into the lake it just may cause the water to run into the blinds. What a spring it has been so far this year. A day of sunshine would really help.

There is no shortage of birds in the area. Reports are that there is a million birds, in Burt county alone. Not going to guarantee that is the truth but it is not to far from right. Sounds like there is several flocks, and each flock numbering into the 2-300,000. With the water everyplace it is difficult to attract them because, what we used as a calling card (water) is already every place, so why would they want to set in with 2-300 decoys when there are several thousand live ones in sight.

Ok just how we have been doing in the kill department. We had two days, back to back, when we harvested birds. I think the count was 6 each of these days. But with plenty of birds in the area and if we get some sunshine they will be moving around, so we could catch up very fast, in that department.

Be sure to say a little prayer for the troops tonight, and check back and lets see if I can’t bring better news in the hunting department.

See Ya Carl

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