Friday, March 26, 2010

Had, clear skies, sunshine, southerly winds, reports of birds still south, but seen a minimal amount of working birds. All of them in the morning. One flock we did not get the blaster on fast enough, so they just flew on by. Later there was a small flock of 4 that locked up when we got the call on them and never went out of the lock mode, all the way in, that way until we shot. Had so few shooters but they made quick work of them. Some time latter there was a flock of around 20 that come from the north and they were all decoying but, three come in so fast that the boss called the shot on them and we put them all in the sack too. That about covered the action. The reports of plenty of geese in the Hamburg Iowa and plenty action going along with the sighting. We have been getting those reports for a couple of days but have not seen any of those birds yet. We don’t feel we have seen our share of young birds. They are the easy ones to decoy, and usually give us the best show. Today’s weather , is the best weather for their movement , so was excited, early this morning about the prospects of the day. We keep wondering if it is over, but again we have not seen the big numbers of Juvenal birds.

Hoping the weather holds and we do not see the predicted rain that is in the forecast. Have seen enough mud to last me for a little while. Just got my blind dried out and most of the mud scooped out.

Say a little prayer for al the wonderful young men and women that are serving our great country. Also please check back and lets see if I can report a few more birds before we close for the season

See Ya Carl

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