Thursday, March 18, 2010


There were a few empty boxes in the garbage tonight. I bailed a little early, because the wife is under the weather. I carried out the trash from my blind, and I could count three empties in my sack. So I know other blinds had a few empties too. Of course when most unplugged guns, hold at least 5 shells, empting a box is not that hard to accomplish. We got onto a nice flock of Blues, just before I left the pits and I think that was round 7 for us today. How nice, a south wind and some sunshine was today. The birds were not so plentiful, as they have been in the past few days, but today they would decoy. Had the feeling today was going to get exciting, from the get go.

With the winds in the southwest thus putting, most of the decoying out front, and this alone makes the day more fun. These birds and their antics, while decoying, is always a treat, to watch and today was no exceptions. They do entertain you; the shot is only the ice cream, on the cake, when you are hunting the Sky Carp.

I had to call the first shot of the day, not my favorite job, but it worked and we wiped out a pair, or the whole flock. So on each go-a-round I let RK know, on the shot “I called” we took the whole flock. The last shot we had before I left there was a flock of 7. Well they took all seven of them. Had some shooters today, one flock of 18 little Ross’s, they took 10 out of it. Another story of today. Had a flock of about 10 Blues and one Snow come in from a mile high. When we give them the music, the locked up and never beat a wing as the dropped from only specks in the sky, down into gun range. May be just what I dream about tonight.

Sure would be nice, if the clear weather holds for a while but reports are we are back in the muck tomorrow. We got the pump a going today so we are lowering the lake water a little. But rain will just fill it back up. NO RAIN PLEASE

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers. Also remember to check back

See Ya Carl

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