Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The feeling is "the migration has begun"

Need to up date you on the activities , at the blinds. Since I last posted a story we have had some luck. We did harvest a couple of Canada’s, over the week end. I have no excuse for not telling about them, other than I was just to lazy.

Today was just a little different from the norm, for this year. There were birds in the skies. We seen some Specks, Canada’s , Snow’s and Blues, Ducks, including a couple flock of Mallards. Hawks, all south bound. So we feel that maybe the migration has begun. Some of the birds like the Snow and Blues and the Specks were before the wind come up too. We decoyed the S&B’s in and got one young Snow. First for the year. We really messed up on Four Big Boys. See Dorothy has got home and RK went in early to be with her. I was listening to the radio, and we had geese decoying in on us. Lyle had spotted them and they were to close for him to make enough noise for me the turn the radio down, and help with the birds. During at that time was the only pass that they were in range, so they got out unmolested. Did get a couple of ducks after the boss left. The mallards had made up their mind they wanted in and we could not get them into range so they got to use our water , without paying any debt.

Tomorrow we are to have a favorable wind again, so expecting a good day,. I guess I also should mention, that we had reports from several spreads, all we re reporting about what we are saying (Birds on the move). Early this morning, we were hearing some shooting in the area to the northwest, so expecting to have some reports tomorrow of others hunters in the county having some luck too.

Best, get this posted.

Please as always, keep the troops in your prayers and please check back

See Ya Carl

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