Monday, March 14, 2011

A great day

It was a fun day. Started out with all the fog and heavy clouds and us cussing. We were seeing a few flocks and got a shot or two but nothing big, you know pair or maybe 3, but no flocks. Finely the sun broke through and we started seen more migrating birds. But to get them to decoy was another thing. So the boss and most of the hunters, got out and done a revamp of the decoys, and things changed quick. The flocks just could not pass us up. The most memorable, flock, had about 250 to 300 birds in it and all were locked up and coming in fast. I have to insert with a south breeze the decoy action was all in full view, for all to watch. As I was saying all were locked and dropping like a rock, but there was a small flock 7 that was ahead of the main body. They come over the pits at about 30 yards high, and the boss let them pass, because there was over 250 geese coming in and why shoot at just 7. Well the next round they were going to land, and he just had to call the shot. They were about 20 yards in front and maybe 15 yards high. Needless to say there were 7 DIP. There was no “watch that one” as he sailed out, only cheers, as the main body of geese faded away into the clear blue sky.

There was plenty of geese that has moved into our area too, over the past day or two. We can see three huge flocks get up off a puddle or out of a field, and fly around for a couple of minutes then set back down, right back, where they got up. Have not got any reports from the south as to what the bird count was on those reserves, but I am guessing they will report they have lost birds.

Best get this posted and get my evening work done in prep of tomorrow. Cause I would miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Remember all the young men and women that are serving us ,both over seas and here on out main land, in your bed time prayers.

See Ya and check back


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