Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a little slower today

The day was a little slower today, than what we thought, it would be. Had the wind we wanted, but the birds today was of a mixed bag type. Almost every flock we had decoy was loaded with Whitefronts, making it to dangerous to shoot. So the shooting was mainly singles and pairs today. However we had a bag of around 10 today. Never lost a bird today tho.

Still was seeing plenty of birds and all reports from the south are saying there is plenty left, to come through.

The ducks number are still amazing us. Today there was more pintails with-in gun range today than we seen total, all of last fall. There was ducks in the air all day long. I know we had to see the same duck more than once, but never the less when they all got up there was one big black cloud, of ducks.

This Saturday, so I have to make this short, cause this is mothers evening, to kick up her heals.

Please say a little prayer for the troops, who serve our country. Also please check back

See Ya Carl

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Randy Adams said...

I appreciate the updates Carl.