Friday, March 11, 2011

Was a fun day

Ok so I have not posted in several days. Some for good reason and some no reason. We had had some luck the past couple days. Yesterday I tried to write some thing, but when I read it is sounded like I was complaining.

We killed a couple yesterday and seen thousands but could not get them to decoy. That is not unusual for us, because we have never been able to decoy the breeders, that come through first. The juvies and the non breeders, we usually have pretty good luck with. So if what we seen today were all breeders, we are in trouble, because they are out producing our shooting. I can not guess the number of geese, S&B’s Canada’s And White front’s, if it is a wild goose that flies our flyway, we seen it today and a bunch of his brothers and sisters.

Not sure of the total kill today, but it was about 20, had 15 in the sack tonight. Lost some sailors. We hate that, but it happens.

Tomorrow we will have a wind they have to buck, and that usually means they are easier to decoy.

More, on today’s bird activity. The ducks were there showing off today. They were playing DARE DOUBLE DARE. They did there best to get us to violate the spring hunting rules, and jump up on a flock. They were in on us all day and the same goes for the Canada’s. It is so much fun just setting out there and enjoying the birds.

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