Thursday, March 03, 2011

A fun and successful first day

First day of the spring hunt is in the books. I was very sure that, we would not see any Geese today, when we went to the blinds. But it took only a few minutes for the action to start, after we got set up, to go. After a couple of near misses we hit pay dirt. Had a small flock of 10-12 birds, drop into range. We had only 4 shooters but we still averaged one bird per gun. It is rare when that is done. Then when you factor in that only one gunner, fired 3 shots. I shot only one, off. My first shell was a dud, and didn’t jack the action, so I had only one shot. Now I know that one or two more shots, may not have upped the kill, but it killed my fun of pulling the trigger., a few more times

Yes, we seen plenty of flocks today and should have been into 3 or 4 more flocks than we did. All in all it was a very enjoyable day hunting today. We always love to have wind and there was not much of that today, but it was a very comfortable day. Yesterday we had wind chills of below zero, and we hunted the afternoon with the heat off, in the blind. The lake is still covered with ice, but it is very rotten and almost black by the time we left. Most of the birds were coming back from the north, again today. Not sure the reason of this but, it made for a fun day. Plenty of Canada’s and at time the skies were full of ducks. We had one flock of S&B’s that we missed out on because ducks and geese was in different direction and spooked each other, wiping out our shot.

Have to change the times for leaving the Café. We will be leaving at 5:30 for a while. I messed up on my own formula. Hope we can just stick to that time until we change the time for DST. Another note, Flo will not be open this Sunday, so we will meeting at The South Mini Mart. They are serving breakfast in there so if you are wanting to eat, it is still possible.

Have to close this so please remember to say a little bed time prayer, for all the young people that are serving out country. Also please check back and we’ll see ya


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