Friday, March 18, 2011

To many clouds and to little wind till late morning

Going to try tonight, Today’s action was slow but with some success. With the heavy clouds, but really no rain, there was no morning bird movement. For a while it looked like we was never going to turn off the callers, and hunt with our eyes. Then the wind come up just a little and moved the clouds out, and a ray of sunlight soon followed. When the clouds are heavy we still have very small flock moving and we can decoy them, if they are not to much of a surprise. Think we got 2 maybe 3 before the skies cleared some, and we had some sunshine. Never did have a push over us, but we could see plenty of them moving west of us, between us and town. Had reports from all over that they were on the move. When we pulled up stakes, we had 10 in the bag. Not the greatest day but what we had for weather, it could have been worst.

It looks like we are seeing the tail end of the breeders and starting to see more juvies, Ross’s and the real old birds. Now this has always been our bread and butter, of the harvest so I think the best times are in front of us yet.

Remember the troops tonight and every night, in your prayers.

See Ya Carl

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