Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Good Morning slow afternoon

You get a two in one today. I had a busy day after hunting planed, so skipped out early yesterday. They got into a flock after I had left the pits. There had been a flock of 8 (7 blues and a snow) that had got down low enough for us to shoot but was wide at least 6 times. They would leave then come back and decoy in and just miss us every time. Well after I left they tried that stuff again. I understand it was not the best shot, but the boss called the shot and they took 5 of the 8. We had 4 in the bag before so that brought the daily total to 9, for yesterday.

Now to today. Had 3 go-a-rounds and had 22 in the bag. The highlight of the day was. A flock of about 40 come right in on the first circle, right up over the pits and we took 15 out of it. Put a little fear in me, I though some was going to fall into my blinds. I left a shell in my smoke pole and took cover under the blind top. We had one sailor that made the west side of the lake, the rest was very close to retrieve.

Sure would love to have one great day this spring. There was no memorable days last fall and so far not much to log into the ol memory bank, for the spring. Maybe we are just a little greedy but feel we have one day like that coming. One a year is not to much to ask, is it.

Forgot to say that every bird we took today was a JUVIE. Not one adult bird. I say that cause you guys that live close should plan to hit the pits here in the next few days, for a bunch of fun

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight, and please check back

See Ya Carl

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