Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

Been awhile since I updated you.  But there has only been a duck or two to talk about.  Today's story is more personal than informative. 
I had grandson Kyle with me today.  And what made it special, Kyle has a pup, that has had a rough life.  See first off this pup only a few day old was found in the middle of a busy road.  A young lady found him, and nursed him back to life and raised him to the age where he was off the bottle.  My son in law was looking for a pup for my grandson, and soon the two, pup and Dad met up.  Well Kyle was the one place in charged of the new addition to the family.  They named him Remington, but shortened it to Remmy.  The two of them,  become a team.  They done everything together, and went everywhere together.
Late last winter, while playing out in the country, there was a very serious accident.  The pup was not used to playing out side and to fear thing much larger than he.  Anyway this pup got run over by a pickup with a snow plow on the front of it.  He was rushed to the vet, clinging to life only by the help of his master.  See Kyle was assisting him, in his breathing, but he was still was breathing when they got to the vet.  They were giving the news they didn't want to hear, but they already knew.  It would be a miracle, if he was to survived.  The miracle, was granted and Remmy pulled through.
Well today was Remmy's first day in the duck blind.  Just over a year old, so we were not expecting to much.  Of course we had to put him into the blind, but once in the pit he made him self at home.  I really expected him to be all over the  pit, but he settled down like an experienced hunting dog.  Soon after legal shooting the guys in my pit said we have some geese in the decoys.  Of course plans were being made on the, sneak of these birds.  Both Kyle and Robert had waders, and was eager for attempt to harvest these bird, as the rest of us watched.  This was also, Kyle's first day of ever having waders, on a duck hunt.  And this task of getting geese out of the decoys was as new to him as being in a blind was to his dog.  But with orders being shouted to him as he and Robert made their way out to the decoys in the lake.  When they got close and the geese got a little nervous, we started encouraging them to shoot.  But these two sportsman waited until they were off the earths surface, then opened up.  Four shots rang out and three geese lay feet up in the pond.  I helped Remmy out of the blind and Kyle called him, and Remmy charged out to Kyle like he was a pro retriever.  With a little encouragement Remmy picked one of them up and proudly brought it back to the blinds.  It was nice the birds were little Cacklers, and not a ten pound Canada, but never the less Remmy, proudly handled this job. 
Before the day ended Remmy had mastered entering and exiting the blinds, by him self.  He ages several weeks today.  But grandpa thinks the boy did too.
That is all we harvested and almost all we saw, but will be a memorable day to some of us.
As always, remember the troops in your bed time prayers, tonight.
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See ya.  Carl


Liv2Hunt said...

No better thing than a boy with his dog. Great story thanks for sharing. Good luck the rest of the season and safe hunting.

MXwest270 said...

We (my daughter) are the ones that found this special dog, on 09/22/12, as together we nursed him to health.
Today (12-29-12) His new forever family brought him up for us to see. It was great seeing him its now been close to 1 year since he has left and as I watch him with his new family I know he is happy and they are doing a wonderful job with him. Although Kyle could not make it today the rest of the family said that it is Kyle that has taught him what he now knows.