Monday, November 26, 2012

A very good day

I have been under the weather for about 3 days, but there was not much action I have not reported except for, I think it was Friday.  We had got into Canada's.  I was coming down with this flu and crashed in my chair.  The next day I was planning on making a two day report, and again I was suffering and nothing in the bag so it didn't get reported that day either.  So that brings us to today.  A much better day to report on.
After seeing flock after flock fly over and not even notice our spread or the songs we were singing.  All the while the boss was saying "if they keep that up we will shoot a mess of them dudes yet".  Well finely they started to at least give us a little look, and again the boss said "we are going to get into them pretty soon" then it happened.  There was this flock of 16, and they was loving our music and on the first turned around, they give us that courtesy swing.  Then changing their minds, and deciding it was an awesome place and setting their minds on a peaceful visit.  We talked them down to about 12-15 yards high and right over the pits, when the boss gave the command, "take em".  When the smoke cleared we had 13 DIP.  This has to be one of the top three shots I have ever been in on.  Birds were falling all around my pit.  I had a young lady in my pit, and I was telling her to "look out" I was thinking she was going to get hit by a falling goose.  Lucky missing her by a few feet.  The next flock we talked in, we took 5 or 6 out of.  It was not as good of shot but one I will always be happy with.  Third flock in, we shocked them pretty good again, but most importantly.  All three go-a-rounds was a story book quality shot.  Never had three shots of that quality, back to back to back, in all the years I have set in the binds.  Of course shot number one will be a hard one for this old man to forget.  I felt as if was almost looking down on the when they out in front, they were so low 
I must report that we seen several flocks of Mallards, today also..  One flock was a big flock, migrating, the other flocks come up from the south.  Have been getting reports that we have tons of ducks to come, but we have not bought into that rumor, as of yet.  Did have a couple birds well within gun range, but we was greedy and wanted the whole flock.  No shot was called.
As always please take a few seconds to say a little prayer for the troops tonight. And please check back, and lets see if I cant report another exciting day here again the next couple days
See Ya   Carl

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