Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Seen plenty of birds today, decoying them was not easy. The duck movement has slowed down , but there was big number of geese on the move. Specks, Cacklers, Canada’s, and Snows and Blues

We did get into one bunch of ducks and wiped them out ending up with at small total of 5 for the day.

Again this morning we had some Snows and Blues, in the carp decoy’s.

But, most of the geese we seen today was real high and it was tough to get them to look at us. One flock of S&B’s that passed over, this morning had 8 Dark geese in them. We called the dark geese out of that flock, and they put on quite a decoying display as they come in. There was one big old Canada and 7 Cacklers. The Cacklers want in first to start with, and got away from the old Canada, before they got in, all pulled out and went to the North lake and then come back to our lake. Well on the return, the roles changed and the big goose was the one that wanted in the worst. The little geese were coming in, but the big boy, was there for the taking, and the 7 little ones was coming in, right in the sun, so the boss made the call to take the one. I think as most, it was the right decision, but you always have time to second guess, when it was all over. What would have happened if he was to land and get scared and scurry out and take the other one with him???? Or he land out, and the little ones, did not come on in???? It was the right call.

Then we had a flock of about a Dozen big boys come in and we had a couple of marginal shots on them, where we may have put a couple three down, but they were doing everything right, and looked like, one more round and we would have a chance at several. Well when they turned out they heard an airplane, over the river and all escaped unmolested. That was the highlights of the day. Ducks, One snow and one Can.

Say a little prayer for all the troops tonight and check back

See Ya Carl

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