Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About the only reason you are getting an update today is because of the sunrise. It was gorgeous this morning. It was there for just a very few minutes, but it was worth getting up and venturing out in the cold this morning.
The second picture is our ice hole, with the new decoys, ready to fool some thing. I was going to try to fool you and say this flock come in and landed, but figured that some one would squeel on me.
The temp was up this morning, enough wind to keep the ice hole was open, so things were looking great for a good shooting day. We thought since we had a southern wind that maybe all the big boy that are setting up at Blue Lake just north of us, would feed south out in the wind today. Well they surprised us again and went some other direction or they feed through the night with this big full moon.

We had one hen Mallard swimming around in the ice hole that I talked to for just a few minutes, then I let her swim in peace. There was just one old Canada flying up north of us for just a few minutes, and then he got himself lost also. That was all the bird action, for the day.

I need to say that yesterday was not much better. I had to come to town, because there was a little problem with the pickup and while I was in town they took a Blue Goose. He tried to get into the Ice hole undetected, but the boss seen him in time and there was one fast gunner in the pits and he got him before it turned into an Aqua Shot. So add another Sky Carp to the season’s total.

Have a few hunters, for tomorrow so I hope we have a little action, just for there benefit. Much easier to shake their hands at quitting time if there is a couple of birds in the bag.

Be sure to include all the troops in your evening pray this evening.

Check back and we will see ya


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