Thursday, December 28, 2006

Had some fellows, that wanted to hunt, so we ventured to the pits for another day of studying the skies. See, we were out yesterday and the only thing we seen flying, was one Big Pretty Bald Eagle and one private airplane. Don’t think either would cook up to well so was not to optimistic, about today’s hunt. Well, very early before we had even got the call around out neck we had a pair of Mallards swinging our water hole. So at least we had something to talk about, and then we started seeing more ducks. I am sure you realize, the season is closed on ducks, but it sure was nice to be seeing some. They give us some real good plays as we talked to them with our calls. Boy, did they ever respond to the call. This one flock, I guess there was about 40 in it, was about the only flock that didn’t give us some action, and this was without any duck decoys. Sure made the trip worth while.

At about 11:00 the boss said something about there is some geese, “get down” so as usual every body stood up. There was 3 big boys, all locked and just sailing right for our open water and decoys. We were expecting at least one swing around, of the decoys. But with out a call or anything, they sat right down, in the open water. Now that is not the closes shot. At least 65 and maybe 70 yards, but we went into action anyway. They put one down in the water, the other two were very lucky. We should of had all three of them, but that is life and par, for my shooting this fall. So anyway, there is one more goose logged in the book. Don’t have anyone for tomorrow, but I am sure we will be hunting over the weekend.

Say a little prayer for all the troops tonight and keep checking back, until I post a note saying, we have give it up completely

See Ya Carl

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